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Welcome to Coin Dealer Ratings and Reviews
Hello coin collectors. Here you will find two great resources for you.

The first is a rating system of coins, coin supplies, coin magazines, coin newspapers, coin books, coin grading services and coin dealers. You do NOT need to create an account to provide ratings, although it is encouraged. Any visitor can provide their honest opinion on almost anything related to numismatics. Note: Reviews will be published only after actual human review. Coin Dealer Ratings reserves the right to remove or edit any reviews provided by visitors to the site.

The second resource is a coin collecting forum. For obvious reasons, you must create an account to post to the forum. You will NOT get spammed with junk email, etc.

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Coin Dealer Ratings Purpose and Philosophy (CDR) was born out of the notion that all coin dealers are not created equal.  I think we can all agree that most coin dealers are honest hard working individuals.  The intent of this website is to shed light on those in the industry exhibit the traits of honesty and integrity in their dealings.  For it are these folks that we want to survive in this business.  It will no doubt be the natural tendencies to condemn certain dealers who you feel have done you wrong.  Most dealers will bend over backwards to fix a bad situation.  If you have trouble with a coin dealer, you should always try to work it out with them first.  While bad ratings are to be expected, and will be accepted on this site, all comments must be factual and should not contain vulgarities, profanities, etc.


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